In conjunction with Tenth Presbyterian Church's 2010 Urban Ministry Conference, Sex in the City (3/5-7), the members of Tenth's pastoral staff and HarvestUSA will discuss issues of sex and sexuality in our culture. A list of the topics we will be discussing is available here.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Rehabbing Sex: "In the Beginning...", Dr. Paul D. Tripp

There is no word in the English language more in need of a complete rehab than the word “sex.” Speak the word on any corner in America and it won’t be heard with connotations of God-ward purity and pleasure. No, the word has been dented, damaged and debased by sin. It has been stained with connotations of junior high locker room giggles and middle-age auto-erotic late-night porn. It is connected with sleazy advertising and B-grade comedians going after the cheap laugh. Tattered, torn and rendered almost unusable, we must take back sex and restore to it the purity and glory that a wise and holy Creator had in mind when he designed a man and woman for an intimacy with one another that would bring honor to him. To do this we have to look in on Genesis 1 and 2 and examine sex as God created it to be in the beginning. Here are three perspectives on sex that Genesis requires us to make.